Dean Graziosi

“Think A Little Different To Real Estate Fortune”

“3 payments of $35.95 but wait, call in the next 30 minutes and Dean will make the first two payments for you.” Sounds funny now but that stuff works some how subconsciously I guess. I like Dean Graziosi. He is very exciting to watch and I believe he is genuine in all that he teaches, some may disagree and I am sure they will.

So, the Think A Little Different to Real Estate Fortune program does appear to be legitimate and you will primarily be going after foreclosure properties and homes. The best example given is you buy a house for $60,000 in foreclosure with no money down. Next you immediately re-finance the property at the closing for $100,000 and you still own the property. Now move in, or rent it and watch the value of the property continue to grow.

Dean Graziosi is also promoting his new book, “Be a Real Estate Millionaire,” on ITV and other places for $24.95. You can reportable get that same book for free when you purchase the Think A Little Different to Real Estate Fortune program.

Along with your purchase you receive Dean’s Foreclosures Alert Bonus to aid you in finding these properties in your own area, as well as live monthly calls with Dean and access to his on-line Resource Center. Wow, that seems like a lot to get for just $35.95. I’m not saying it isn’t true but it just sounds like a lot to me. Not sure how you access Dean himself on these monthly calls, whether it’s a conference call type thing or if it really is one on one.

The Resource Center thing sounds a lot like the Property Vault that John Beck offers to his students in his “Free and Clear Real Estate program.” Students pay around $30 per month for access to that service so I wonder if Dean’s Resource Center is billed out in a similar way. I would normally order the program myself to get all of these specifics sorted out however I have researched this one far enough and for long enough to get the basic drift of how it works and did not feel the ultimate need to purchase it. Plus my wife would kill me as I have purchased like 3 other money making programs already this month for review. If you think I should, please let me know.

All these programs ultimately fall on the purchaser to make them work. As I said in the beginning I do believe Dean Graziosi to be a genuine business person and I have not heard any bad press to report on. Good luck in your search and never give up.

For our taste, we like simple programs where you Don’t have to BUG friends and family.

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